Mops, Brooms & Brushes
  • Cut-End Wet Mop Heads
Four-ply, cut-end yarn. Absorbent natural cotton fiber for general mopping.
Rayon has immediate absorbency and wet release properties ideal for
finishing. Cotton/synthetic blend absorbs 5.5 times its weight in water.

  • Rough Floor Looped Wet Head
Withstands the tough abrasions found in nonslip tile, concrete, or raised
textured and stone floors. Features twice the absorbency and release of
conventional mops, making it perfect for use in high-traffic foodservice
establishments, commercial buildings, retail buildings and hospitality
environments. Knitted white cotton/polyester fleece blend attracts and
retains dirt particles. Looped-ends and tailband aid in launderability.

  • Steel Roller Sponge Mop
12-in. wide cellulose sponge. Front pull lever for mop wringing. Bronzetone
handle with yellow sponge.

  • Quick Change Handle
Quick release bar for easy loading. Metal head is double-riveted to
lacquered wood handle.

  • Screw Clamp Handle
Wing-nut style. Metal head is double-riveted to lacquered wood handle.

  • Spring Grip Handle
Spring action securely locks mop head in place. Rust-resistant, zinc-plated
1∕4-in. wire. 11∕8-in. dia. x 60 double-lacquered ramin wood handle will not
warp. Fits most mop heads.

  • Lieflat Screw-In Handle
Metal-threaded connector is countersunk and attached to lacquered wood
handle. For use with bolt-head style lieflat mop heads.

  • Dust Mopping Pad with Fringe
High-pile and looped 2-in. fringe construction grabs and holds larger dust
particles and debris. Provides twice the surface area of non-fringe pads.

  • Industrial Dust Heads
High-grade four-ply cotton, cut-end. Launder in mesh bag. Keyhole style,
half-tie white synthetic backing dries fast. Handle/frame (sold separately.)

  • Clip-On Dust Mop Frames
Black powder coated metal, rust-resistant 1∕4-in. wire with rounded ends.
Accepts clip-on handle UNS 1490 (sold separately).

  • Stiff Polypropylene Floor Sweep
Medium sweep. Long-lasting black polypropylene bristles remove heavy
dirt and debris. 25∕8-in. trim.

  • Threaded End Broom Handle
Natural bamwood handle. Standard thread. 15∕16-in. dia.

  • Metal-Tip Threaded End Broom Handle
Die-cast, unbreakable aluminum threaded tip secured to natural bamwood
handle. Overall length 60-in.
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