Cleaning Accessories
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  • Water Wands
Digs deep into tile crevices and uneven surfaces to remove liquids, leaving
floor finger dry. Twin moss foam rubber blades. Choose from standardor
heavy-duty squeegee with rugged galvanized steel construction and
splash guard. Tapered socket; use with aluminum handle (sold separately).

A. Standard Disposable—With black natural foam rubber.

B. Heavy-Duty—With black natural foam rubber.

C. Heavy-Duty Red Neoprene—With oil-resistant rubber.

  • Restroom Floor Pack
For basic restroom floor cleaning. Green cleaning—Microfiber products
conserve water, reduce use of disposable products and require fewer
chemicals. Includes Bucket 30L, Bucket Press, SmartColor MicroMop
15.0, Restroom Mop Holder and Restroom TelePole 

  • Restroom Bucket Combo 30L
Dual Bucket 30L (8-gal./30-liter) and Bucket Press. Removable high rise
wheels. Polypropylene. Red. 

  • Restroom Bucket Combo 15L
Dual Bucket 15L (4-gal./15-liter) and Bucket Press. Two compartments to
keep clean and dirty water separate. Polypropylene. Red. 

  • Easy Adapter Hose
Refill bucket from any faucet. PVC hose with rubber adapter will not pull
out of faucet. Reinforced construction. Extends to 6-ft./180cm.

  • Restroom Mop Holder
Use with SmartColor MicroMop and Restroom TelePole, sold separately. 
Pivoting low-profile nylon head. (40cm) surface for added cleaning contact
and scrubbing pressure. Button release for easy mop head change (mop head not incl.).

  • SmartColor Microfiber MicroMop 15.0
Green cleaning—Microfiber products conserve water, reduce use of
disposable products and require fewer chemicals. Use wet or dry with
Mop Holder (UNG SM40R), sold separately. Aggressive cleaning edges
clean with less water, streaking and effort. Absorbs six times its weight
in liquid, rinses easily, reduces bacteria up to 96%. Machine launder 500
times. 16 x 5 (40cm x 12.7cm). Heavy-duty 15mm pile for tile floors, grout
lines. Color coded red for restroom.

  • SmartColor MicroWipes 4000 Heavy-Duty
Color coded red for restroom. Green Cleaning—Microfiber products
conserve water, reduce use of disposable products and require fewer
chemicals. Use wet or dry; penetrates small irregular surfaces to lift out
dirt. Highly absorbent, long lasting; machine launder 1,500 times. Use red
on outside of urinals/toilets; yellow/red on mirrors, countertops, sinks.
16 x 15 (40cm x 38cm). 10 wipes per case.

  • Ergo DustPan/Broom
Spot sweep floors. Dust pan opens when base touches floor, closes when
lifted; never spills contents. Ergonomic handle. Broom (incl.) stores on handle.

  • Pro Aluminum Knock Down Handle 1.5 Degree
Rigid, fluted aluminum pole ships in three pieces for compact and cheaper
shipping. Ergonomic grip nylon handle. 56-in. long when assembled, 20-in.
knocked-down.1.5-degree taper

  • Pro Stainless Steel Window Squeegees
Fast-lock handle with rubber grip, channel and rubber blade. Attaches to
all poles with a press fit. Cleans any flat, smooth surface.

A. Complete—With handle, channel and rubber blade.

B. "S" Channel—Stainless steel channel with soft rubber blade.

C. Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee Handle

  • Scotch-Brite™ Heavy-Duty Commercial Scouring Pad
Use in the kitchen to replace scrapers, steel wool and metal sponges.
Tough fibers and abrasives clean grills and ovens and remove baked-on
food from pots and pans. Green. 6w x 9d x 0.6h. 

  • Contour™ Series Trigger Sprayers
Ergonomic design fits comfortably in hand. Textured wide grip improves
wet or dry handling. Greater output per stroke increases efficiency,
reduces cleaning time and user fatigue. Better coverage on mist setting.
No leak at cap and bottle. 

  • Plastic Bottles
Mix and dispense concentrated cleaning products. Natural color. Bottles
have quantity graduations. Sold in multiples of 24 each.

  • The Wave™ Urinal Deodorizer
More freshness, 10 times more fragrance for 30 days. Eliminates odors,
reduces splash back and gradually releases fragrance, cutting cleaning
time by up to 50%. Flexible, translucent vinyl screen allows full view of
urinal drain to ensure optimal flow while trapping debris. Available in a
variety of fragrances

  • Urinal Screen
Shields, protects and deodorizes urinal. Highly flexible, molds to the shape
of any urinal.

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